financial engineering for a cleaner future

DG Energy Solutions accelerates our clients’ drive to embrace their clean energy futures.

DG Energy Solutions is the future of innovative, environmentally-friendly energy funding. We offer a range of options to clients to address their sustainability goals. This ranges from bespoke funding options for client’s renewable energy installations to procuring carbon credits or offsets to manage carbon tax liability or to achieve their Net Zero objectives.

Energy Solutions

what we do

  • Using our strong balance sheet and deep networks across the financial services sector we are able to provide rapid, innovative funding solutions that our clients are unable to find in traditional banking.
  • We source and trade carbon credits and carbon offsets across the globe to help local and international clients mitigate their carbon footprints.

Energy Solutions

how we do it

Our experienced team will help you develop an efficient and effective solution for transitioning your business into greener, cleaner energy sources, ensuring energy security, future price hedging and meeting sustainability goals. By providing tailored financing solutions that suit individual project needs, we help make these green initiatives become more viable whilst also delivering returns on investment – a win-win situation.

We offer our clients – looking to fast track their carbon neutrality through a series of innovative products – the option to minimise the efforts companies need to undertake in addressing their offset targets.

Energy Solutions

why us


We make faster, more informed, and impactful decisions that significantly reduce lead times.

Our deal structures are client-specific, and more flexible than traditional financiers.

We are more than a funder, we are your strategic partner in clean energy.